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Is video better than books? Well, only you can answer that question. Personally I think video beats books hands down, seeing something with my own eyes speeds up the learning process quite a bit! The only time I would prefer a book would be on the bus...

Total Training is a company famous for the CD/DVD tutorials they have created for almost every Adobe app there is.

On the web you have probably run into some of the short sequences from the TT tutorials you can find posted at the Adobe site and in many other places.

The “Essentials Of Adobe GoLive CS” is much more than the short web clips I mentioned, but still a bit short of the other extreme, the up to 20 (!) DVDs you get with some other Total Training "sets", like the one for Adobe After Effects.

The “Essentials” tutorials are stored on CD ROM and contain everything you need to know to get started with GoLive. Some of the things I found especially useful was the info about smart objects and CSS, two areas that usually create a lot of confusion!

The “Essentials” tutorials start with a blank page and end with an uploaded site, the CD contains material that enables you to follow along and maybe try some of your own ideas.

The difference between the other Total Training sets and the “Essentials” is simply the details, while for example, the After Effect tutorials cover every tiny detail of the program, the “Essentials” is more focused on making you familiar with the app and to help you quickly become productive.

A bird whispered in my ear that a GoLive “set” will be released some time in the future, until then the “Essentials” is a great way to get acquainted with Adobe GoLive!

You might have noticed that we have two banner ads on this site, MenuMachine and Total Training, the reason is that we find them the two most useful products on the market for GoLive users!

- michael ahgren

PS. I mentioned the Total Training set for After Effects a number of times in the review, if you happen to be interested in AE those tutorials are absolutely mind blowing!!! They will not only teach you every aspect of AE, you will also learn a great deal about animation in general!