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GoLive news!

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Two new Beta releases.

Adobe has released two new web tools as beta releases. Adobe CSS Advisor is a new web-based community site to easily identify and resolve browser compatibility issues. Web designers and developers can contribute their own issues, comment on existing issues, or become an editor to participate in driving the site's future. The site is accessible at:

Also introduced is a beta release of Adobe Spry framework for Ajax, a designer-focused solution for adding the interactive power of Ajax when developing rich, dynamic web-sites. Adobe Spry framework for Ajax is available at:

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Photoshop CS3 public Beta.
Adobe Systems Incorporated will introduce a beta version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 software, the next release of the world standard indigital imaging, on Friday, December 15th.

The software can be downloaded at:, in the early hours Pacific Standard Time on December 15.

More at:

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: New MenuMachine release.
MenuMachine version 2.1 was released June 6, 2006, it contains some bug fixes but also new features. Please check the left column at the MenuMachine page for more infomration about the new features.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Improvements of the "GLC search"
We have now installed a MUCH better search engine for this site. The new search engine (from indexes all types of documents, including PDFs. The new search feature can be accessed from the index page.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: "Link problem" tutorial.
A tutorial that explains why links point to your local HD, why the problem occurs and what you can do to avoid it.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: "Spry" from Adobe Labs
Adobe labs have released "Spry" a framework for Ajax. Spry is a JavaScript tool that makes it easy for developers to use XML data in their designs, both static and dynamic. This page contains links to sample designs, information and downloads.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: New GoLive extension from BigBang
BigBang has released a Beta version of their GoLive extension for creating Google site maps. It can be downloaded here. Copy of how to use instructions from the developer (originally posted on the GoLive TalkList e-mail list) can be found here:
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Free Co-Author
The new and free version of Adobe Co-Author was released today. You can download it here: Windows / Mac

Co-Author is an application that enables your clients to update pages that has been prepared to work with Co-Author. You can find more information here.

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: GoLive Tryout
The GoLive CS2 tryout is now available at the Adobe site. We are still waiting for the new (and free) version of Co-Author that should be launched very soon.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: GoLive learning
"Adobe GoLive CS2 Tips and Tricks, the 250 Best" (by Adam Pratt & Lynn Grillo) will hit the stores any day now . More books are in the pipeline. Total Training and are about to release new sets of video tutorials on GL CS2. We will keep you posted!
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Analyzing the web log
I have posted an introduction to the art of analyzing web logs. Isn't the regular web stats enough? Can this be a good tool for improving a site? Isn't this like spying on people?
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: New tutorials
The look of the GLC site has been changed and a couple of new tutorials have been added:
  • The Form Tutorial is a basic (PDF) tutorial accompanied by a short video instruction.
  • The Organize Your CSS is a tutorial about the importance of using CSS in an organized and contextual way.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: GoLive training
In the highlight page there's now a review of the video tutorials "The Essentials of GoLive CS" from Total Training!
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Email address scrambler

I have created a page where you can scramble the email addresses you will be using with “mailto” links. By scrambling the addresses you can greatly improve you chances and avoid being "picked up" by spam bots.

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: New GoLive book.

The "Adobe GoLive CS Tips and Tricks" book has been released. It's written by Lynn Grillo and Adam Pratt at Adobe and contains 200 of their best tips and tricks. Both the Mac and Win platforms are covered.

The book also contains information and tips about third party actions, hidden keyboard shortcuts, object palette descriptions and links to GoLive resources on the web (this humble site is actually mentioned!)

The price is USD14.99, money well spent!

ISBN 0-321-27877-1

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Hiding pages from search engines.
This new text tutorial is about how you create a robots.txt file in order to hide pages from search engines. You find it at the tutorial page.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Sticky button tutorial
At the design resources page you now find a link to a "sticky button" tutorial by Deb Shadovitz.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: SSI tutorial (echo)
This new tutorial is about how you display server data in a page. You find it at the tutorial page.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: SSI tutorial (includes)
A introduction to SSI - Server Side Includes has been added at the tutorial page. Learn how you put content from one document into another.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Email scrambler
The old email scrambler tutorial and code generation service has been updated and transferred here to
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Another new tutorial.
I just posted a new tutorial about protecting folders by using .htaccess files. You find it here.
Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: JavaScript tutorials

17 JavaScript tutorials have been posted (see link at the tutorial page). They are basic tutorials and no previous programming experience is required.

A new video tutorial is also available, "Site maps - why and how". This tutorial also contains info on how to avoid having pages indexed (using a robots.txt file).

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: GoLive update/patch
The GoLive 7.0.2 update is now available for download. You need to use the built-in updater because there is no download available at the Adobe site, (at least not when this was written).

This patch includes improvements on a large number of areas, while the previous 7.0.1 update only targeted ftp problems.

You can download the full documentation of the patch here.


The 7.0.2 patch is now available at the Adobe site for Win and Mac.

Author: Michael Ahgren Author: MenuMachine video
Here you can find the "Introduction to MenuMachine" Flash video. This is not a tutorial, but if you are contemplating buying MenuMachine or if you're just curious this video can be a good resource.

The video download is ~9MB.

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Co-Author tutorial

Co-Author is a new feature in GoLive CS, it enables you to build sites that can be updated by your client. The only problem was that there weren't any good information on how to use it, until now!

Lynn Grillo at Adobe has just released a video tutorial which explains Co-Author in a much better way. Due to a file size restriction at the Adobe Studio the file has been divided into seven segments that you can download here.

Lynn's Tutorial is a must if you are going to use Co-Author!

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Installing actions

The Ahgren action download page now contains more information about Mac specific problems and tips on where to install your actions.

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: New video tutorial.

I just uploaded a new basic CSS and links tutorial that shows you how to set up an external style sheet and style your links. Enjoy! You can both view and download the movie here.

[edit] Part II of this tutorial is now also available! [/edit]

Author: Michael Ahgren Topic: Co-Author tutorials

Lynn Grillo's famous Co-Author tutorial is now available for download here at tutorial page. It was divided into 7 segments due to the file size limitation at Adobe Studio, but here you get them all in one single .zip file. Thanks Lynn!